Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gov. Palin to undecided voters: ‘Please give Romney a shot’

Sarah Palin made an appeal to undecided and reluctant voters on "America's News HQ" Saturday as she fielded questions from host Uma Pemmaraju and a few which viewers had submitted via Facebook. The former Alaska governor said that she will be in Arizona Monday, rather than at the RNC Convention in Florida, to work for U.S. Senate hopeful Jeff Flake as well as congressional candidates Kirk Adams and Paul Gosar.

The Republican Party's 2008 vice presidential candidate said that her mission is to get conservatives elected in the down-ticket races. "We need a Congress committed to repeal ObamaCare, the mother of all unfunded mandates," she explained. Mama Grizzly added that her work is aligned with the grassroots efforts of the Tea Party. Contradicting some on the left and in the media who have claimed that the movement is withering on the vine, the governor declared, "I feel like the Tea Party is just getting started."

In response to a viewer's question, Gov. Palin said her advice to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their families on how to deal with press scrutiny, she said was confident that they would be able to handle the pressure and would not be so naive as to trust the media.

Another viewer wanted to know if she would consider getting involved with a third party effort if neither party would do the will of the people. Citing the Whig Party, Mrs. Palin relied that she hoped that history would not "repeat itself."

Would she run for governor of Alaska again? The first woman to be elected to that office answered that she would much rather work on unlocking the 49th state's abundant resources.

The final question was what she would say to voters who have not yet warmed to either President Obama or Mitt Romney and those who may be thinking of sitting out the election. Gov. Palin appealed to those undecided and reluctant voters directly: "Please give Romney a shot." Obama had his chance to solve the country's problems and failed, she said.

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