Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sarah Palin Endorses Ted Yoho for Congress in Florida

Sunshine State News reports that the campaign of Ted Yoho, the large-animal veterinarian who is running for a U.S. House seat in Florida's 3rd Congressional District, has secured the endorsement of Gov. Palin. The full text of her endorsement:

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“Dr. Ted Yoho isn’t afraid of hard work. To put himself through college and veterinary school he worked nights in a vegetable packing house and summers in construction. After graduating, he started and grew his own successful business. Yes, President Obama, Ted built that himself.

“Tired of watching career politicians spend us into debt and tax us to death, Ted decided to run for Congress in Florida’s new 3rd Congressional District. No stranger to hard work, Ted took his conservative businessman’s perspective from town to town, county to county and voter to voter, asking them all the same thing: ‘Had enough?’ The answer was clear. Ted’s victory in last Tuesday’s primary sent the same message we are seeing all across the country: Yes, we have had enough. We’ve had enough of our elected officials going to Washington and forgetting about us. We’ve had enough of them mortgaging our children’s future to foreign debtors. We’ve had enough of Congress wasting our money on useless programs that enrich themselves or reward their cronies. We’ve had enough of high taxes. We’ve had enough of Obamacare’s threat of faceless government bureaucrats making life and death health care decisions for us. We’ve had enough of no job growth and government red tape that stifles our entrepreneurial spirit and any hope of long-term prosperity.

“Underdog candidates like Ted aren't running because it’s easy, and they don't plan on going to Washington to just ‘go along to get along.’ No, these underdogs are running to fight for sudden and relentless reform and they know the hard work it will require to make it happen. If you’ve had enough and are ready for some real reform that puts government back on our side, please join me in supporting Dr. Ted Yoho for Congress in FL-3. Let’s send this common-sense businessman to D.C. to fight for us. He won’t forget who sent him there.”
Yoho’s reaction to winning the Palin endorsement:
“I’m honored that a strong conservative leader like Sarah Palin is backing my campaign and I cannot thank her enough for her endorsement. I admire Governor Palin for her relentless passion to challenge the status quo and to advance the conservative cause. I’m looking forward to working with Governor Palin and other conservatives as we look to take our country back, starting by repealing Obamacare. With support from conservatives we can begin to build coalitions of like-minded people who will work to return our country to the founding principles, core values and the Constitution. Common sense, a strong work ethic and a business mentality are what we need to accomplish these goals.”
The newly-redrawn 3rd Congressional District stretches from Clay County to the Gulf of Mexico. Yoho upset eleven-term U.S. Congressman Cliff Stearns to win the Republican primary. He will now face Democrat J.R. Gaillot.

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