Monday, March 18, 2013

Sarah Palin will speak at NRA-ILA forum in Houston

NRA-ILA Forum 2013 photo NRA-ILA-Forum_zpsddbac990.jpg

Gov. Palin and Sen. Ted Cruz will share a stage again May 3 in Houston when both conservative rock stars will speak at the 2013 NRA-ILA Stand And Fight Leadership Forum. The forum is part of the gun rights organization's three-day annual meeting and exhibits, which will also include a rally featuring Glen Beck. The NRA expects a crowd of more than 65,000 will attend. Confirmation of Sarah Palin's speaking role comes by way of the Facebook page for the event:
“This year’s Forum will feature some of our nation’s top Second Amendment leaders, including: former Governor Sarah Palin, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Governors Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal, former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, and former Congressman Asa Hutchinson. Seating is limited. Act now to get your tickets!”
ILA is the legislative arm of the National Rifle Association. Gov. Palin spoke at the 2010 NRA convention in Charlotte, N.C.

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